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About us

The 200-year-old house of the Sutela family in Liminka (photo: Ilpo Okkonen)

The 200-year-old house of the Sutela family in Liminka (photo: Ilpo Okkonen)

Craftsmanship based on 200 years of tradition

The home of the Sutela family has provided a living for numerous generations of artisans over the last 200 years, and this tradition of Finnish craftsmanship is now being carried forward to coming generations by the 25-year-old firm known as Jussi Sutela Oy.

We carry out all manner of specialized projects, large or small, in wood, as ordered, e.g. oak window frames for Kuopio Market Hall, new doors for the Department of Architecture at the University of Oulu, a decorative piece for the roof of Oulu Cathedral’s Chapter House and innumerable doors, TV shelves and other items of furniture for private homes, particularly stylish dining tables in solid hardwoods, all based on 20 years of experience.

Our distinctive, hand-made hardwood furniture and doors produced using traditional methods and skills can be recognised at once from the quality of their finish. Their discreet, timeless design and the high-quality materials from which they are made will ensure that they are adaptable, versatile and easily combined and will retain their value for a long time to come.

Sutela products are manufactured in Liminka, in our own workshop. In addition to the Sutela premises, we also have an office in Helsinki, located in the classic district of Etu-Töölö.

Exhibitions and prizes


Company of the Year in Liminka, 2008

Northern Ostrobothnian Prize for Environmental Consideration 1999

Finland Creates out of Wood, Northern Ostrobothnia 1997. Thinly (archive shelves). Designer: Osmo Rantapelkonen, Manufacturer: Jussi Sutela Oy.

Möbel 94. Zipper (light chair). Designer: Hanna Louhelainen, Manufacturer: Jussi Sutela Oy

Invited exhibitions:

Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia: Paina puuta – Sitting on Green Gold. Arranged by: The Finnish Museum of Handicrafts, Oulu 22.10.2010-16.1.2011 – exhibition of chairs.

Pikisaari, Oulu, 3.-28.11.2008 – exhibition of furniture
Design Forum Finland, Helsinki 2008 – Tarina children’s furniture

Verkaranta, Tampere 2006 – Tarina children’s furniture

Verkaranta, Tampere 2000 — exhibition of chairs

Milano 1994 – Zipper light chair

References in newspapers and magazines

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Avotakka 9B/2005
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Etelä-Suomen Sanomat 20.3.2005Unique, totally silent piano stool